Specialty Instruments

R13 Buffet Crampon Clarinet

The R13 Buffet Crampon Clarinet is the legendary choice of professionals. It was created in 1955 by Robert Carrée and is the most popular professional clarinet in the world. Its tone is focused ands rich, and it is powerful in all registers. It’s flexibility lends itself to all repertoires: symphonies or chamber music, soloists, teachers, military bands, students or amateurs. 

Model BC1131-5-0 Bb Clarinet features 17 Nickel plated keys and stained Grenadilla wood.

E11 Buffet Crampon Clarinet

The E11 Buffet Crampon Clarinet is free blowing with a high quality hand finish and a strong heritage. Constructed by traditional methods, combining technology and experience. Manufactured by Buffet Crampon, in specially dedicated workshops in Markneukirchen.

Model BC2501N-5 Bb Clarinet features 17 Silver plated keys with double fishskin pads, and stained African Blackwood.

E12F Buffet Crampon Clarinet

The E12F Buffet Crampon Clarinet is derived from professional models and made in Buffet Crampon’s French workshops; the key assembly and quality control are carried out by our German teams in Markneukirchen. Ease of play, reliability, and accurate tuning are the main characteristics of this new Buffet Crampon clarinet. The E12F: setting new standards for young musicians.

Model BC2512f-2 Bb Clarinet Features 17 Silver plated keys and unstained, treated and lacquered African blackwood.

Yanagisawa AW01 Alto Saxophone

From aspiring beginners to experienced professionals, the Yanagisawa AW01 is the perfect basic professional model that has gained popularity due to its strong tonal core. Comes in a gold-lacquer finish and features a fluororesin-sleeved octave rocker, C# – Bb table key linkages, adjustable vibration-damping bar, genuine Mother-of-Pearl touches, metal thumb hook & rest, pointed pivot crews, sealed waterproof pads, blued-steel needle springs, and a tri-point bell-bow brace. 

Yanagisawa AW010 Alto Saxophone

The Yanagisawa AW010 is the traditional brass model that has built a solid reputation with its full voice and consistent scale. Comes in as gold-lacquer finish and features a fluororesin-sleeved octave rocker, C# – Bb table key linkages, C# – B table key linkages, adjustable vibration-damping bar, genuine Mother-of-Pearl touches, metal thumb hook & rest, pointed pivot screws, sealed waterproof pads, blued-steel needle springs, double-arm keys and a tri-point bell-bow brace.  

Kanile’a K3 Tenor Ukulele

The Kanile’a K3 Tenor ukulele has a premium curly Koa body with up to 90% curl. It features a Tu-redesigned bracing system, thick curly Maple rosette with Tortoise trim, Tortoise front & back binding, a solid Mahogany neck, a UV high gloss body with silk neck finish, Ebony fingerboard, bridge & headplate, Ebony bridge pins, standard Kanile’a crown headstock, chrome Kanile’a open gear tuners, NuBone nut and saddle, and white Mother-of-Pearl position markers and logo.

Azumi AZ-Z3RBEO Flute

Designed by Altus founder and flute-maker Shuichi Tanaka, Azumi flutes are a perfect fit for the serious student and aspiring flutist. The most distinct feature of all Azumi flutes is the Altus Z-cut professional headjoint which responds quickly and easily and produces a full and rich tone in all three registers. All Azumi flutes feature pointed key arms for an elegant and refined look, improved key strength, and even pad wear. The Altus/Bennett scale makes these flutes effortless to play in tune. The Azumi pro line flutes are perfect for the student who has distinguished him or herself as a committed musician.

The Azumi AZ-Z3RBEO flute is a step-up instrument, just shy of professional in terms of features, but well shy in terms of price. It features an ALTUS Z-Cut Sterling silver headjoint and body, open holes, an offset G and a B-foot joint.

Getzen 700S Eterna II Trumpet

The Getzen 700S Eterna II is designed to be a great intermediate level trumpet at a very reasonable price. Players will find that the 700S offers response and versatility unmatched by other instruments at this level. The Getzen 700S has a response that comes easy to young advancing players, and is versatile enough for jazz, concert and marching band, or anywhere else trumpet may be required. 

The trumpet features hand lapped gold brass slides, gold brass leadpipe, a 4 3/4 two piece yellow brass bell, a ,460″ bore size, firs slide saddle, an adjustable third slide ring and includes a 7c mouthpiece. 

Classical Strings VL-90 4/4 Violin 

The Classical Strings Model 090 Marco Polo is a highly popular, handmade by individual violinmakers in John Wu’s Workshop in Beijing, instrument crafted after the model of Antonio Stradivari 1716, perfect for the advanced player. The Model 90 was used by the L.A. Children’s Orchestra during their 2015 America’s Got Talent performance.

This finely constructed, flamed instrument is carved using selected European Maple for the back, and Alaskan Spruce for the top. The final varnish is completed in our workshops in L.A.

This 4/4 violin features a French Despiau C-Grade bridge, Ebony fingerboard, chin rest & pegs, an antique reddish varnish, and Thomastik Dominant Strings with Pirastro Golden E string.