Our Story & Advocacy

San Diego Music Studio began in 1994 as a small, in-home business in downtown San Diego. Today, it's a robust music retail operation with sheet music, instruments, and a professional instrument repair facility. The store is known for its advocacy, community-based programs, and extensive lesson program, which has taught thousands of music makers in San Diego.

Robin Sassi, the store owner, has worked for the past 30 years to bring their vision of a musical community to the region. Their passion and dedication to music outreach have empowered countless individuals. Robin leads The Philippines Ukulele Project, providing ukuleles and music lessons to children at-risk in the Philippines. They are also an active member of WON (Women Of NAMM), advocating for music in Washington D.C., and a NAMM Board Member.

San Diego Music Studio has been a NAMM Top 100 Dealer for each consecutive year from 2013 to 2021, received the NAMM Music Makes a Difference award in 2019, and was awarded Best Single Store Dealer 2019 and 2021, Best Clinics 2020, Best Community Service 2021, and Best Customer Service 2021 by Music & Sound Retailer. 


Like the sign says:

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As more women enter the industry, we take a look at how the inclusion of women affects the music products industry — from the corporate boardroom to the retail show floor.


At San Diego Music Studio we're passionate about making music accessible to everyone. That's why we actively champion music education through a variety of initiatives:

Supporting Local Programs

We proudly sponsor local music programs, repair instruments, and donate to schools and individuals in need, ensuring young musicians have the resources they need to thrive.

Community Collaboration

From volunteering at events to offering free monthly workshops, we're deeply involved in our musical community.

Advocacy at All Levels

We believe in the power of music education so strongly that we send representatives to advocate at the local, state, and even federal levels – including annual meetings in Washington, D.C.

We Believe In Music.
We Believe In Our Community.
We Believe in the Power of Your Support.

 Let's Make Music Together!

Philippines Ukulele Project

San Diego Music Studio started the Philippines Ukulele Project in 2018. This project connects local donors to children at risk in the Philippines. We send a teacher to the Philippines, along with donated ukuleles and other items, to conduct classes and provide music instruments to children. 
In 2019, San Diego Music Studio was honored with The Music Makes a Difference Award by the National Association of Music Merchants for the Philippines Ukulele Project.  We continue throughout the year collecting donated items to ship regularly to the people in the Philippines. We believe that local people can make a worldwide impact. We support out community and others around the world in the pursuit of music education. After all, play them a song, they’ll be happy for a day. Teach them to play, they’ll be happy for a lifetime.

Mission & Vision


We elevate student learning on a global level through music.


Our vision is a world where all people can connect through music. The Philippines Ukulele Project serves as a model and
inspiration by encouraging musicians across the planet to promote music education and others' welfare in different countries.

  • Bryce Houghton Legacy 

    With a talent for many different instruments, Bryce Houghton became Student of the Month at San Diego Music Studio in 2018. For a school assignment, Bryce was asked what his legacy would be. He wrote that it would be to teach music. In 2019, Bryce and his family were a tragic car accident. Bryce did not survive but his legacy will live on.

    Bryce’s personality and enthusiasm for life was inspiring. To keep his inspiration alive, San Diego Music Studio gifted $25,000.00 in repairs to the students of Bryce’s school district. Any district student using a school instrument in need of repair, may have their repair done for free at San Diego Music Studio.